Cici Paramida with Okie Agustina

Events that befall Cici Paramida raises concerns in Okie Agustina, the wife of the former Pasha 'Purple'. Cici allegedly got rough treatment from her husband faces so make Dangduter is injured.

"Whatever the form, if we have physical play can not stay silent. As women we must love ourselves," said Okie at MU in the Cafe, Central Jakarta, on Monday 15 June 2009.

According to Okie, women are being loved and should be given attention and loved. Not only that, women also must be protected not hurted. He hopes, Cici rigid and strong and can take decisions in the face problems.

"Do not lie by love. We must be able to see reality," the message.

Until now, authorities are still investigating the case involving Cici Paramida and her husband, Ahmad Suhebi. Police are still checking Ahmad Suhebi and also as a woman suspected of Wild (craving another woman) husband Cici.

Cici's husband still as witnesses. However, the police explain the status of the man who is familiar called Ebi can change. Ebi If guilty, the threatened imprisonment of one year. So far, the police refer the case of this clause in the Criminal Code article 335 of the act is not fun, and also Article 360 of the Criminal Code that make forget people injured.

KDRT Cici Faramida


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